Jago Geerts - Motorcross


At the age of 20, Jago Geerts (21) is the first Belgian motocross rider to crown himself as vice world champion after the golden era of Everts-Bervoets-Smets-Ramon. He leaves nothing to chance. Determined as he is, winning the World Championship title is the most important goal he wants to achieve.

Jago discovered the motocross bike at the age of 4. At that moment it was already written in the stars that his future would be in this motorized sports discipline. At the age of 14, Jago won his first European title in the 85cc. Two years later he was again crowned European Champion this time in the 125cc and he won the Junior World Championship 125cc. Even before reaching the age of 18, Jago signed a ‘Factory contract MX2’ with the Japanese manufacturer Yamaha.  A status that many dream of but that is only reserved for very exceptional talents. By the end of the 2017 season the super talent from Balen, Belgium makes his debut in the MX2, the second highest class in the FIM World Championship.


With his diploma in his pocket, Jago Geerts starts the 2018 season as a fulltime top athlete with varying results. The development of his talent came in 2019 already,  with a bronze medal in the final ranking for the MX2 World Championship. The next season Geerts continues the same good path. After some heavy duels in the fights for the World Championship title, 2020 was ended with silver and the title of Vice World Champion MX2.  Recently, Jago signed a new  ‘Factory contract MX2’ with Yamaha for the seasons 2021-2022. Preparations are in full swing to take a shot at the world title in 2021.

“The fact that the flavours are also tasty, the foods is easy to digest, the ingredients give you a lot of energy and are healthy, made the choice only easier for me."
Jago Geerts


2014 (14 years old):     - Dutch Master of Motocross  85 cc - European Champion   85 cc

2016 (16 years old):     - Dutch Master of Motocross 125 cc - European Champion  125 cc - Junior World Champion  125 cc - Belgian Rookie of the year

2017 (17 years old):  - Debut in Belgian and Dutch Grand Prix MX2           

2018 (18 years old ):    - First Podium MX2 – Latvia – 2nd place overall  MX2 - First selection team Belgium– Motocross of Nations

2019 (19 years old ):     - 3rd place final ranking World Championship MX2 - 2nd final ranking with team Belgium – Motocross of Nations – Silver - BMB-FMB Golden Handlebar – Rookie of the year

2020 (20 years old):     - 2nd final ranking World Championship MX2 - Silver - Winner of 6 Grand Prix races

Credits picture 1, 2 en 3 (top to bottom): MX July - Jago Geerts Media Credits picture 4: Photographic Art - Jago Geerts Media