Energy Bars 'Apple - Cinnamon' (6 x 40g)

This energy bar is bound to become your new best friend. Containing only organic and plant-based ingredients, it energises you before or during a workout, on a holiday or on an outing – whenever you need it, really! No preservatives, no refined sugars, no colourants: our energy bars will do more for your body than their traditional counterparts, while tasting every bit as good, or better. And what’s not to like about their hint of cinnamon, right?



What makes our Energy Bar ‘Apple-Cinnamon’ such a great match for an active lifestyle?

- It is anything but dry: it melts in your mouth and is super easy to eat, even during intense training sessions.  - It provides long-term energy (30 to 60 minutes). - It is full of healthy nutrients such as complete proteins.  - It contains seaweed, a superfood. - Its main components are rice-based glucose and maltose rather than fructose.


organic rice syrup, organic puffed rice, organic sesame seed paste, organic apple (7%), organic rice protein, organic pea protein, organic cinnamon (1%), organic seaweed powder.

*controlled organic cultivation

Our energy bars consist of all the elements that make up a complete meal:

1- a whole grain (rice)  2- a legume (pea protein and rice protein) 3- vegetables (seaweed) 4- seeds (sesame)  5- salt

The Energy Bar ‘Apple-Cinnamon’ contains natural sugars and may contain traces of gluten and nuts.

Nutritional value

  • 1 bar of 40 g contains:
    energy: 632  kJ / 151  kcal
    fats: 4 g, of which saturated: 0,6 g
    carbohydrates: 28 g, of which sugars: 14,7 g
    proteins: 4 g salt: 0,11 g
  • 100 g of this bar contains:
    energy: 1580  kJ / 378  kcal
    fats: 11 g, of which saturated: 1,5 g
    carbohydrates: 70 g, of which sugars: 36,8 g
    proteins: 9 g
    salt: 0,28 g 


Our energy bars are a healthy snack to eat … 

  1. fifteen minutes before exercise
  2. during (intense) workouts
  3. on a hike or on an outing, at work or on holiday


Because we use no artificial flavourings, the taste of our products may vary slightly from one batch to another. Explore nature at its finest … with your taste buds!