How to use Innerme?

Innerme helps you to prepare for training sessions, to go the extra mile during competitions, and to recover from workouts. The quality of our products is beyond doubt, but you obviously have to know how to use our energy bars, energy gels and other goodies to get the most out of them. That’s why we have included some guidelines on this page. Our products are based on both scientific research and the experience of founder/triathlete Dirk Baelus and our Ambassadors — elite athletes. 

Before exercise

  • Up to 30 minutes before: 1 of our easily digestible energy bars

  • Whenever you’re thirsty: Isotonic Energy Drink ‘Fruit’

During exercise


  • 1 energy bar per hour

  • Isotonic Energy Drink ‘Fruit’


  • 1 energy bar per hour

  • combined with 200 to 500 ml of Isotonic Isotonic Energy Drink ‘Fruit’ per hour


  • 2 energy bars 
  • Combined with water

After exercise

  • Within minute 1-29 : 1 shake Protein Mix 'Cacao' blend with cereal drink

  • or 500 ml of Isotonic Energy Drink ‘Fruit’